Bank Employee Incentives vs. Mr. Public Consumer

Banks rank their divisions, branches and employees as with every industry. Which branch is profiting. Which are losing? Which sell the most products/services? Which ones have the biggest increases/declines in each week, month, quarter, annually, etc. It’s broken down by state, city, branch and even employee.

Yes, many banks pay bonuses or commissions on services/products your teller cross-sells to you at your bank. If they hear you are going on a trip, they are rewarded when you purchase your travelers checks. Credit card applications can pay $30 to an employee. Refer a large depositor to purchase a CD and another $50. Many banks use the SIIM program provided by This software boasts it can increase fee income and offers employee/customer interaction tracking to assist in employee incentive programs. Clark Consulting offers something similar.

Harte-Hanks applied its Allink Daily Deposit Builder — which comes with a package of 80 pre-built business rules based on customer activity — to the data at Fifth Third Bank. By analyzing what customers did weeks (and sometimes months) before they closed their accounts, Fifth Third was able to “teach” the program to recognize potential defection behavior, often 60 days in advance.

“Daily Deposit Builder also allowed Fifth Third to identify customers prime for additional products. Its “opportunity” program focuses on selling to those customers who appear likely to become more profitable, based on either demographics or increased account activity.” says writer Richard Levey of Direct Magazine. His interview with Andrew Rosen, vice president and deposit product manager of Fifth Third Bancorp in Cincinnati, Ohio can be found at

Fifth Third Bank measures teller performance on an individual basis. But the Cincinnati-based bank pays a set commission for each product or service sold.

For example, a successful mortgage application reaps the referring teller $30, and a customer credit card application pays $25, said Bob Slaven, Fifth Third vice president and northeast Indiana retail regional manager stated in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette written by Sherry Slater.

Full time tellers are expected to accrue at least $150 in commissions each month. Part-time tellers have a $75 goal. They start each month with a clean slate.

“It’s very attainable,” Slaven said.

Fifth Third employees, who receive bonuses on a quarterly basis, are paid the amount they earn, even if it falls below the performance standard. And there’s no cap on the upper end. Some tellers earn more than $1,000 a month merely from commissions, Slaven said.

In March 2003, Fifth Third Bancorp reached an agreement with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the Ohio Division of Financial Institutions to change its internal accounting practices. In November 2002, regulators began reviewing Fifth Third that forced the company to take $54 million charge in the third quarter of FY 2002. The regulatory oversight ended in March 2004.

What about overdraft protection services? Are bank employees rewarded for each Overdraft Protection application customers fill out? What about the much talked about “courtesy bounce protection” programs? Are branch managers rewarded for increased fee income? Who is auditing Fee Income at our nation’s banks?

Multi Use Degreasers from the Minds at Stanley Home Products

Oily said to me, he says, “I’m beginning up a home shop. You know, somewhere straightforward where I can take a shot at the auto and do some stuff with wood. The issue is that a large portion of the multi use degreasers I utilize can’t cut water not to mention any overwhelming oil. What would I be able to do?” Looking at the installed grime that secured his face I could simply envision the oily chaos his new shop was in. When we went out there the floor was covered with magazines, a Stanley Home Products index, and different instruments that needed a genuine rub down. I say to him, “What you need is something that will do a ton of intense occupations without a moment’s delay.” I realized that Greasy wasn’t a rich man, despite the fact that he was an affirmed industrialist, so he needed economy and cleaning influence in the meantime.

Initially I got the Stanley Home Products list and remained there speculation while I cleaned it off. “Perhaps we could go online and get some family unit insights from Helga, or whatever her name is.” He gazed at me for a moment and said, “Is that what you do while the wife is away, attempt and check whether you can get wine out with some lemon separate?” His sneer was unflattering and when he skipped around copying a house wife I took some offense. “It was only a proposal.” “Well, Nancy,” he said, “I require a multi use degreaser, and I don’t think Helga has the supply. Something substantial obligation. Say, what is that inventory you have in your grasp?” I looked down at the booklet I had been bending throughout the previous couple of minutes and answered, “Stanley Home Products. Perhaps they have some sort of multi use degreaser.” “Splendid, Sherlock, possibly you could hand it over and let me examine.” I was becoming weary of the offending names, so I bopped him on the head with the Stanley Home Products list before I offered it to him.

To attract this agonizing story to a nearby, he discovered the multi use degreaser he required, while utilizing one separating affront (he said my breath was making him bleary eyed and might I be able to move down.) So after the tussle, I headed home with a bruised eye and a need to purchase some of that multi use degreaser of my own due to my moving around on his filthy shop floor.

Tips on Cleaning a Laminate Floor from Stanley Home Products

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